Alexandria’s Flood

I’m Mo Zerban, Founder of Tern Water. I currently live in Philadelphia but I’m
originally from Alexandria, Egypt. Just this week it rained a little more than
usual in Alexandria and due to their decaying water infrastructure, a huge
flood occurred. The flood was responsible of killing at least 6 people and
many more were injured. Yes six lives that woke up just a few days ago to live
their own lives are now dead. The 2nd largest city in Egypt had to shut down
because of this flood and the streets turned to rushing rivers.

Alexandria lacks a proper drainage system, keeps on receiving larger amounts of rainfall every year and that’s been causing these deadly floods. The world bank has warned that this could become the norm for Alexandria and has placed Alexandria as one of the five cities that are in most risk of flooding by 2050 due to climate change. According to the United Nations IPCC Alexandria is also vulnerable to salt water intrusions on freshwater resources.

We currently live in the 21st century and problems like these are completely unaccepted. There is no reason that we should remain to suffer due to a decaying water infrastructure. This infrastructure was created in 1860 and has witnessed few improvements since. I don’t think they were thinking about climate change and salt water intrusions in 1860. Although some maintenance and improvements have been made since, they’re clearly not solving the problem.

Now, on the other hand if such a city as Alexandria had a more reliable water infrastructure, it would’ve been able to capture all this water. There was around 3.2 million cubic meter of fresh rain water, which is enough water for a 150,000 families of 4 for an entire month. In a city like Alexandria, that’s currently facing problems due to lack of fresh water, rain should’ve been a bless and not a curse.

I urge everyone to help by funding this campaign that aims to help the people of Alexandria recover from this crisis.

At Tern we are working hard so cities like Alexandria don’t have to suffer from problems related to their water infrastructure in the future. We believe the future will run on a modular water systems, that can adapt faster to changes and be easy to maintain and operate.

Mo Zerban,
Founder of Tern Water

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