Cape Cod, You Can Now Test Your Water Quality!

Cape Cod

According to Cape Cod times, a $6.5M carbon treatment system is being purchased to treat Hyannis water contaminants like PFOS and PFOA which are hormone disrupting compounds used in fire-fighting foams and aviation hydraulic fluids which are shown to make drinking water highly unsafe, levels of these compounds were among the highest reported in the US drinking water,this water has extended from Hyannis to the boroughs in Cape Cod.This information was made possible due to an investigation by Silent Spring Institute reporting that 75 percent of these contaminants come from Septic systems delivering water to households . “We found many contaminants in Cape Cod’s drinking water supply, indicating that current policies are not adequate to prevent emerging contaminants from getting into drinking water. Septic systems are the main source,” said Laurel Schaider, Ph.D., a research scientist at Silent Spring Institute.

A price tag of $384 Billion has been estimated by the EPA that would need to be invested by local water systems to keep the water clean within the coming decades, and experts warn that water contamination could lead to cancer, gastrointestinal diseases and developmental delays in children. With such problems with our most vital resource, that could affect us and the ones we love, we at Tern Water are dedicated to provide solutions to help users best avoid such problems.

Know Your Water, is the most convenient way for you to know details about levels of contamination within their water. Through getting a Tern Capsule online, we will ship you two capsules to fill from your drinking water source, ship it back to us with the return label inside the package, and we will be sending you a report back with details on the level of contamination in your water. By using promocode: CapeWater, you will get a 10% discount, and we will be testing for pH, Total Suspended Solids, Chromium-6, Total Hardness, Chlorine, Fluoride, and Lead. Testing for other contaminants like Nitrogen or Turbidity in the water could be made through a specific request to

We at Tern Water are dedicated to help provide citizens with better information regarding their own water sources, and help them find solutions that can guarantee they get access to healthy water in a sustainable form. Within this belief, we will be concluding all the collective findings of the ‘Know Your Water’ results from Cape Cod and providing both our customers as well as local city officials with the final report. No customer information will be included within the report, and all customer information will remain confidential. This is only bending us testing enough water in Cape Cod for the data to be meaningful.

We hope everyone is this area will not be harmed with this problem, or future problems of this sort. Please feel free to contact us directly at

About Tern Water

Tern Water, is a company based out of Philadelphia that makes products and services to help users get access to smart, sustainable and healthy water when they need it. We do that with the belief that every human has the right to understand and consume clean water.

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