Lack of Water Awareness is a Growing Problem, and We’re Fixing That

According to a 2016 Gallup Poll, around 61% of Americans “worry a great deal”
about water pollution and contaminants in their water. Here at Tern Water we
are offering consumers the opportunity to get their water tested at a low cost
so they can be informed about what is in their tap water.

Drinking water is arguably the most important thing that people need to do daily but often take for granted. Most people don’t realize that not drinking enough water daily can affect cognitive as well as physical performance both on the sports field and in schools and offices.

Something that is often overlooked is that contamination of drinking water supplies can occur in the source water as well as in the distribution system after water treatment has already occurred. There are many sources of water contamination, including naturally occurring chemicals and minerals, local land use practices, manufacturing processes, and sewer overflows or wastewater releases. In addition to this, the average age of a house in the US is 35 years. Older homes carry a higher risk of having more contaminants in the groundwater, and these contaminants can lead to a higher chance of permanent cognitive damage in children. We recommend advice for filtration to encourage people to be confident in their tap water so they are drinking enough daily.

Know Your Water is currently live on our website. Simply purchase the Tern Capsule from, fill the capsule with water from your faucet and send it back with the included return label. Within 10 days, the Tern team will send your water report to your email address. Simplest, and easiest way to ‘Know Your Water’

Tern has launched ‘Know Your Water’ with the aim to improve, grow, and build knowledge around water. Together we can start creating the standard for home water. This is an example of the water report.

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