How water data can help entire communities live healthier lives

Today we live in an age that is highly driven with data, and analytics in
order to provide people everywhere with the best possible experience they can
get. At Tern, we fundamentally believe that data can help solve the major
issues with our water system in a much smarter fashion.


With that belief we went hunting for data around water, as we were trying to figure out what products/services we could offer to best meet the needs of people today. As we were doing our research we were astonished by the scarcity of water data that is available, and we came to understand how the lack of data within the water industry comes from how outdated all the products and services offered in this industry are.

At Tern, we hold a very user focused approach to our work, so we started by talking to many people with all sorts of different backgrounds about their water and their knowledge about it. We discovered that almost everyone is worried about their water, yet very few understand why they should be worried, what causes the problems, or how to solve them. With that in mind, we concluded that it is our duty to make water knowledge accessible to everyone and we launched “Know Your Water”. Know Your Water aims to help people get access to their water data, understand what they could do, and increase general education about water.

As we build public awareness and education around water issues today, the value this data will bring to the public is incredible. Without sacrificing any of our customers private data, we will be working with strategic partners to provide them with the data they need to operate more effectively. Local water utilities will benefit from this the most. Millions of dollars are spent every year for different infrastructure repairs and improvements across the country, and billions are needed to effectively replace all needed pipeline. We believe that by collecting enough water test results in certain neighborhoods, our data will provide an opportunity for water utility companies to start doing this process a lot more efficiently, by being able to better determine what areas could have worse pipelines than others or even which pipelines could be leaking more than others.

So while Know Your Water tests benefit any individual household by better informing them of any risks with their own water, our goal for our test results goes even further. By collecting water test results throughout neighborhoods, we have an opportunity together to improve the health and well-being of entire communities.

Healthier water = healthier lives.

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