The waterroundup for Friday, May 11

Here’s some news and information on the world of water we thought you’d want to know. Send us your own to Happy Friday – don’t forget to hydrate!

Senators Unveil Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Bill – The Hill

Senate Water Infrastructure Bill

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill to invest in water infrastructure. With the country’s water system so often showing its age, consistent upkeep is needed to to ensure that even passable water is running through the nation’s pipes.

Separating Water and Politics Isn’t Easy in California – Los Angeles Times

With infrastucture and distribution issues popping up around the country, the inextricable link between water and politics is only strenghtening. A California commission’s tortured deliberations over how to allocate a pot of state bond money shows how tough it is to take the politics out of funding for water projects.

How Crystal Water Bottles Became 2018’s Status Symbol – Vanity Fair

Crystal Water Bottles

Water is the most important element to a healthy life, so its no surprise to see water mingling with the lateset trends in wellness.

Need a Glass of Water? There’s an App for that – Washington Post

If you’re in DC and thirsty, nowadays you’re in luck. Access to a clean source of drinking water is always important, so the city’s government has created an app that finds one near you.

7 Gorgeous Reusable Water Bottles You’re Going to Want to Show Off All Summer – Real Simple

Stylishn bottles

And finally, you’re gonna need a bottle to carry that sweet sweet hydration with you, so here’s a rundown of some of the most stylish options! Remember, hydration is the first key to every great look.

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