#waterroundup for May 18th, 2018

Sonic artist creates water quality instrument – KCCI Des Moines

An Iowa artist has created a “water quality xylophone” that uses contamination data to create sounds that correspond to various levels, such as E. coli found in a nearby creek.

Sparkling Pool Water May Hold Disease-Causing Parasites – New York Times

Swimming Pool T.S. Chanakya

When temperatures rise the swimming pool beckons everyone with its promise of a quick cool down, but now the CDC is warning that those waters may not be quite as clean as you may think.

Montreal is trying to fix its decrepit water system. It won’t be easy – CBC
Aging infrastructure is a problem in more than just the US. North of the border, Montreal is facing similar problems to those seen across the nation, and they’ll have to use similar solutions.

Water shortages to be key environmental challenge of the century – The Guardian
A groundbreaking study by NASA has shown that our thirst for water has had clear impacts on the world around use. Demand for water can be clearly mapped, and this demand for water will become one of the world!s major issues in the future.

Why Seltzer Water Is Actually The Worst – Delish


Any La Croix boy will tell you, sparkling water is just about everywhere these days, but one writers talks about why she’s just not that into it.

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