Tern’s Work for Healthy Water Never Stops

By now, you have probably seen Tern’s numerous blogs highlighting the water infrastructure in many cities and important water news around the world. These articles and stories are examined by our team day by day to assist us in developing products to make the water consumer’s experience better as a whole. Research and development is a key part of Tern Water as we focus on our goal of creating water for the modern age. We are here to improve the water experience for everyone.

While the day trip to New York last week was a great experience, the work being done at the office never stopped, as we continue to develop and test our designs and methodologies to ensure a great customer experience with our products. The pictures below show members of our Product Development Team in action, working hard everyday to ensure our product performance addresses the complexities in connecting users to healthy, clean, and sustainable water.


Josh running experiments on our smart hub module to monitor performance and consistency in that data, as well as confirming theoretical vs experimental results to confirm design optimization.


Thomas in the lab testing water samples from our filtration experiments to confirm optimal performance.


Jian working on new concepts for our models as well as modifying designs after testing results.

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