Official Tern Water Press Release: 5% Healthy Water Initiative

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Tern Water Announces Important New Initiative to Help Neighborhoods Get Access to Healthy Water.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – July 23, 2018 – At the end of this fiscal year, as Tern Water launches their new Smart Faucet, the first smart water filter for the home, Tern has committed to give away 5% of revenues to communities at high risk for contaminants in their water. The funding will support:

High quality point of access water filtration to guarantee removal of contaminants from the water
Smart Technology to ensure that all filters remain effective and that users receive alerts for any issues with their filter
Convenient, on demand water filter replacement when filters are at end of life

“Elon Musk went on Twitter on Tuesday to commit to fund a solution to solve the water problems of Flint, Michigan. We want to help through our 5% initiative,” said Tern CEO and Founder, Mohamed Zerban. “Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan ended Flint’s free bottled water program in April. While the free bottled water program was a place to start, bottled water can never be our source for healthy water. and we have been outspoken critics of the program since the start. We believe the people of Flint deserve a long-term fix to their water problem, and not just a bandage,” Zerban went on to say. “We’re excited by Mr. Musk’s initiative to try to fix the problem in Flint, and are ready to launch a partnership to help sustainably and effectively fix the water issues for the people of Flint.”

The Smart Faucet is Tern’s solution to the water contamination issues that plague communities across the US, giving individuals the power to solve their water worries rather than relying on water municipalities. According to USA Today, as many as 63 million people have been exposed to unsafe drinking water across the country. Local water systems will need to invest $384 billion to keep water clean in the coming decades.

Not only does the Smart Faucet eliminate 99% of contaminants from tap water, it reduces water flow rates by 40% on average to conserve water and improve efficiency. The average family of 4 could see water savings of $800 within the first 6 months of purchase.

The Smart Faucet syncs to the Tern app to provide real time water analytics and filter quality. Tern knows exactly when to send a new filter – no need to remember to call or place an order which means consumers never have to worry about having safe, healthy water right from their tap.

For a limited time, customers will be able to take advantage of the Smart Faucet Early Bird offer and reserve their Smart Faucet for only $175 (normal retail price of $199). The Early Bird offer also includes:
a free Know Your Water test kit with a $25 deposit. Know Your Water tests for 7 major tap water contaminants including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Chromium 6, Ph, TDS, and hardness.
6 months free subscription to Tern Service
$24 discount from the standard retail price of $199

In addition, as part of Tern’s mission to deliver safe, healthy, sustainable water to everyone, 5% of proceeds from this campaign will be donated to provide water to people all across the US.

About Tern Water and Tern’s Smart Faucet

Description of Product
An elegant, easy to install attachment to any kitchen faucet
Real-time water analytics include water flow rates, water consumption and efficiency
Tern knows exactly when to send a new filter – no need to order or call
Filter is made of activated charcoal (coconut carbon shel)l and is fully sustainable
Available in 2 finishes, chrome and brushed nickel

Retail Price

Tern Water Mission

Through his time having lived, studied, and worked across the world, founder Mo Zerban noticed a universal problem with access to water. Whether in Egypt, England, or at home in Philadelphia, Mo identified a fundamental need to ensure that people have access to safe, sustainable water whenever someone fills their cup to take a drink.

As a result, he founded Tern in 2016 with a vision to develop end to end solutions that provide smart, sustainable and healthy water to a constantly growing metropolitan civilization.

Core Tern Team

Mohamed Zerban – CEO & Founder

Jon Colosimo – Engineering Director

For further information and questions, please contact

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Instagram ​: @TernWater

Twitter ​: @TernWater

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