Philly Water Startup can help Elon Musk bring healthy Water to Flint

Tern’s mission, is providing people with products/services to help them get access to healthy water. We do that out of belief of the extreme importance water has on our health and wellbeing humans.

Elon Musk went on Twitter yesterday to make a commitment to fund fixing the water problems of Flint,Michigan. We want to help, and here is how.

At the end of this fiscal year, we will be giving away 5% of our revenues to help developing neighborhoods get access to healthy water. The 5% will go towards the following:
Great filtration for people to guarantee removal of all contaminants from the water, and the water coming out of their outlets is healthy for consumption
Smart Technology to ensure that all filters remain effective, and users are alerted in the case of any changes
Convenient services that would allow them access to filters when they need them

Gov.Rick Snyder of Michigan has ended the city’s free bottled water program this April. The free bottled water program was the program to start from the first place. Bottled water can never be our source for healthy water, and we have been outspoken critics of the program since the start.
We believe the people of Flint deserve a fix to their problem, and not just a bandage.

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We’re excited by Mr.Musk’s initiative towards trying to fix the problem in Flint, and are ready to launch a partnership to help sustainably as well as effectively fix the water issues for the people of Flint.

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