Scott Mazo at Healthy Philly

Healthy Philly had it’s second event on Thursday, July 12th featuring Scott Mazo. Scott is the Founder of University Place Associates(UPA), a leading commercial building developer in west Philly.

Scott shared his inspiring story with a critical career shift that led him on the path he is on today. He also spoke about the importance of integrating sustainability in the built environment, and how to do it in an efficient process. Recent studies led by Harvard have even shown the effects of a healthy environment in increasing productivity for employees while reducing the tenants utility cost.

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UPA envisions the Platinum Corridor here in Philadelphia on Market street between 39th and 42nd street. More details on their incredible vision for Philadelphia could be found here.

We believe Scott is contributing towards making Philly not just Healthy but a great city. Work done by UPA is what #HealthyPhilly is all about. We continue to believe a lot of great work is being done towards making Philly an icon for health and wellness. Through #HealthyPhilly we plan on bringing these great minds together to connect and collaborate towards their common goal.

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Next #HealthyPhilly event will be on September 10th, event details will be made available soon.

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