#Waterroundup for November 21st, 2018

What do inactive gold mines, water benefits, inadequate access to water, Denmark and water infrastructure have in common? They all are the topics of this weeks, weekly water roundup

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Aurora, Colorado has just finalized a deal to aquire water from an inactive gold mine. Although this is not a common practice, water is becoming more and more difficult to find in Denver.

5 things drinking just water can do for you

One of the reasons your diet might not be working is you’re probably not drinking enough water. The best water diet trends involve: drinking water early in the morning and just before you sleep, that’s if you can’t cut out other drinks completely.

What can water do for you? One of the biggest dieting tools, comes from water. Experts are saying that drinking water when you wake up and right before bed, can be key to helping you lose weight.

US water security falls short

Next week we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day in the U.S. when many commemorate the country’s forefathers and mothers for having enough food to survive a bitter New England winter. Assessing food security is easy; by answering a few short questions created by the U.S.

Inadequate access to water of acceptable quality and quantity is an enormous issue in the United States. Lead contamination being a large issue, that has occured in multiple cities including: Flint, Detroit, Newark and Chicago.

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The second lawsuit over a small South Carolina town’s use of an unapproved chemical in its drinking water has been filed by Charleston attorneys, who claim Denmark’s water is contaminated and too expensive for customers.

NY grants $74M for water projects

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – New York state officials say they are spending $74 million to help fund local water infrastructure projects in the Hudson Valley and the North Country. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $49.1 million in grants to support 38 projects in the mid-Hudson Valley and $24.6 million in grants to support 13 projects in the North Country.

New York officials stated that they will be spending roughly $74 million, in order to fund local water infrastructure projects throughout Hudson Valley and the North Country.

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