#Waterroundup for December 5th, 2018

What do high turbidity, the Himalayan River, Silver Springs, Feargal Sharkey and Anchorage have in common? They all are the topics of this weeks, weekly water roundup

Boil Water Advisory, Closed Schools in Yardley Area

A boil water advisory is in effect for Pennsylvania American Water customers in Lower Makefield, Yardley Borough and portions of Falls Township. The water issues have caused the closure of the Pennsbury…

Lower Makefield, Yardley Borough and Falls Township were all effected by a boil water advisory. High turbidity levels, 1.7 ntu above regulation, were found in the water. High levels can increase chances of residents consuming disease-causing organisms. In light of the boil water advisory, the Pennsbury School District was closed.

Opinion | The Race to Dam the Himalayas

Hundreds of big projects are planned for the rivers that plunge from the roof of the world. By Sunil S. Amrith Mr. Amrith is the author of the forthcoming book “Unruly Waters,” a history of how water has shaped South Asia.

Asian nations are currently competing to utilize the power of the Himalayan rivers. This hunger for energy and water shortage, has been the driving force behind all of the energy greed. However, half a billion people demend on the Himalayan rivers; this hunger for energy will cause a great deal of issues in the future.

Water main break in Silver Spring area causes road closures

December 3, 2018 Officials said water service has been restored for customers in the Silver Spring area after a water main break along Georgia Avenue. Some roads in the area near Connecticut Avenue are still closed as crews are finishing up the repair work, but WSSC said they should reopen shortly.

A water main break occured in Silver Springs, this past Monday. Roughly 300 residents were without water; crew members are working to fix the break, cauing road closures early Monday morning.

Feargal Sharkey’s mission to save our chalk streams

The former Undertones lead singer and keen fly fisherman is taking on the water companies and Environment Agency

The former Undertones lead singer and keen fly fisherman, Feargal Sharkey, is taking on the water companies and Environment Agency, in order to save the chalk streams.

Boil water advisory lifted for Anchorage

Anchorage water officials have ended the precautionary boil water advisory that has been in effect for the area since Friday’s earthquake. Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility declared tap water throughout Anchorage “safe for all uses” in a Facebook post Sunday afternoon. The agency said it has been testing water samples throughout the Anchorage water system for bacterial contamination.

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility has declared that the tap water, in Anchorage is now safe to use. Water contamination was a result of the earthquake; the agency has said that they have tested the water for any bacterial contamination, and that it is officially safe for all public use.

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