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Smart faucet pre-order update

We’ve been hard at work building a great experience for you at Tern.  We can’t wait to share your new Smart Faucet with you.

(We know that you may have reached out to get an update – we apologize for any delay in responding and hope you can forgive us. Creating a new water experience is pretty time consuming and we promise to do better in our responsiveness.)  

As a friend and supporter of Tern, we want to keep you updated on what to expect in the coming days:

  • We will be sending you a new Know Your Water test kit prior to delivering the Smart Faucet.  We’d like you to complete the kit and send it back. This will allow us to customize your Smart Faucet filter for your kitchen.
  • Once we receive your Know Your Water test kit, we will analyze your water, and send you a link to your Tern Report to see the results.  This will also be the next step in your journey to a better water experience. 
  • Once we’ve completed your water analysis, we’ll get working on finalizing your personal Filter and let you know when you can expect to receive it.

Keep an eye out for next steps.  We look forward to getting you safer water that’s better for your health, wallet, and environment.



Mo Zerban

Founder+CEO, Tern 

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