Great Ways You Can Save the Planet From Home

This article is about some great tips and tricks that anybody can do to save the planet through water conservation at home.

The world is currently in a crisis. Whether it be pollution, lack of clean drinking water, or just natural resources depleting. These are a few tips and tricks to help you use less water in your day to day life. The first tip being an obvious one but shorten the length of your shower. A running shower can use up to 5 gallons per minute. If you shorten your shower by just 5 minutes you could be saving gallons of water. Another shower tip is to take showers over baths any day. It takes a lot to fill your bathtub, and if you keep your showers short, you’ll save tons of water. Another great bathroom saver is if you shut the water off while you brush your teeth. If you leave the water on, you can waste quite a bit of water considering you brush at least twice a day.

       Stepping away from the bathroom and into the kitchen, a great way to save money is to hand wash dishes. You should try to avoid using a dishwasher whenever you can, and hand wash them. If you fill your sink with water and hand wash your dishes as opposed to running the faucet the entire time you will save gallons of water. For any gardeners that need to water daily or bi-daily there is a great tip to help you save water. If you water your plants in the early morning or late at night, when the sun is not at its peak heat, you can save water. How it works is when there isn’t peak sun heat it requires less water to sustain your plants because the water isn’t evaporating. It doesn’t seem like you save a lot of water in the moment, but over time you will do.

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