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Tern’s New Brand and the Process Behind It

Pavan Interview:

I interviewed Pavan about his thoughts, ideas, and the process behind creating the new Tern logo and slogan.

Q.) What is your role here at tern?

A.) My role here at Tern is that I am a design intern, which means that cover all the different aspects of design from a graphic level standpoint to an industrial design level.

Q.) What were the key concepts that you were trying to incorporate when creating the logo?

A.) I wanted to capture the essence of our main idea of the home being the centralized idea of our company and how providing users with the access of higher quality water is our key mission.

Q.) How long did the whole process take you?

A.) The process in a whole took me around one and a half to two months to complete.

Q.) How many different logo designs do you think you sketched?

A.) If I had to give a rough estimate, I would say probably around four to five hundred sketches.

Q.) What helped you decide which were the best designs?

A.) The biggest deciding factor was our continuous flow of user feedback. We wanted to make sure our logo was clear on what it was depicting because we didn’t want people to be confused like on the last one. Another factor was my constant conversation with executives of the company to make sure that I was remaining on the right path.

Q.) What was the most difficult part of the whole process?

A.) The hardest part was probably navigating the feedback. There was a lot of feedback coming from so many different sources and it was difficult to decide which insights were most critical.

Q.) What made you finally decide on the new tern logo?

A.) Once we captured the essence of what we wanted to go for, it was just the process of designing the form that best captured it, and that was it.

Q.) Was there any lesson you learned about creating a logo that you wished you knew before going into this whole process?

A.) Don’t knock a concept right away, because it can have the potential to turn into the thing that you are looking for.

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