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Tern’s New Logo, and Why We Changed Our Brand

Tern was founded back in 2016 with idea of combining modern technology with water in a way that has never been seen before, thus the old logo and slogan were born. Tern felt that the product we were producing for people was a product that was the future of water and we wanted our slogan to represent that. We also wanted to have a logo we felt represented us, so we thought to fuse a water droplet with a circuit board. This combined the aspect of use providing water to people through a innovative way. After finally deciding what we wanted and putting them together TernWater’s image was born.

This was our image for over 2 years, and we liked it in the beginning. However, as our company progressed, we realized our key idea behind the company was more of a focus on providing every home with clean water. We wanted a logo that showed our focus on the key concept of home being the centralized idea behind our company. After countless grueling hours and hundreds of sketches and ideas, Tern had a new image and it was one that we felt perfectly depicted our company.

Tern’s new logo had been created. It was a logo that represented us through an open door in a water drop to indicate a home as well as the concept of letting clean water into your home. This was Tern’s new logo. Our new slogan was something that we wanted to be simple yet explain what we were all about. After coming to the realization of what our main mission was, which was to provide homes with a higher quality water we knew what to make it. Thus, the slogan “better water for your home” was born. We are very excited to have a new image and slogan representing us, and look forward to what is to come of it in the future.

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