Tern’s User Testing and How You Can Help

Tern Water User Testing

       We here at Tern are happy to announce that we are currently in our User Testing phase of the operation. We have been doing user testing for a few weeks now and have been getting some amazing feedback, but we want to keep going. The more feedback we get, the more beneficial it is to the product. This allows for us to make a product that best fits the needs of every consumer.

       With this testing we are looking to learn where our flaws are in the eye of the consumer. We want to learn what are things that people love and the things that people hate. For example, if people don’t like the pressure of the filtered mode, then we will figure out a new way to try and increase the pressure. If people unanimously love the way that the water tastes, then there is no reason to mess with it. We are looking to cater to the needs of the customer and make their Smart Faucet experience the best that it can be.

       Now comes the interactive part of this where YOU the reader can help. We are constantly looking for new people to do user testing and give their feedback on the product. If you would like to be a part of the testing process, fill out the form by clicking here.

Afterwards don’t forget to fill out the User Testing Feedback Form which we will send to you after you fill out the adapter application form. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us to make the best product we can.

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