Providing your tenants with top-of-the-line healthy water amenities doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle. 

The Water Experience You Deserve

Detailed Diagnosis

The Tern Team, along with a certified plumber, will conduct a full property plumbing inspection and provide a KYW+ comprehensive report on the health of the water & plumbing fixtures in your property

Personalized Solution

Tern will customize a range of water solutions, specific to your property, to provide you with smart water products that improve water quality, reduce consumption levels, and ensure a healthy water supply throughout

Visual Dashboard

We’ll bring your water management online, giving you the ability to manage individual tenant billing and monitor water savings, consumption, and quality with ease


30% Savings

Save up to 30% on annual water bills & water consumption

Inspection Services

Avoid unexpected and expensive water damage due to faulty or aging plumbing 

Tern Smart Faucet

First-of-its-kind smart technology, at a fraction of the cost of other wellness amenities