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Know Your Water helps you to understand the quality of the water your home, and how to implement safe water solutions in 3 easy steps. Using your home water sample, our Tern Labs team will test for 10 major water contaminants and provide you with a full report on the status of your water quality. Armed with this information, our team can customize a filtration system specific to the water in your home, and ensure you have access to clean, healthy water right from your kitchen sink.

Once the Tern Labs team has received your home water sample, you will receive access to your results via the My Tern dashboard in just 10 days. 

To receive updates on the status of your order, please email customers@ternwater.com

Because not all water filters ensure the safe removal of all water contaminants, water testing is the most important service that Tern offers. By helping you understand the quality of the water in your home, we can provide you with customized solutions for your specific water filtration needs. 

If you pre-ordered a Smart Faucet and would like to check on the status of your order, please email customer@ternwater.com

Tern is committed to providing property owners with a fully customized water experience. To ensure that we are providing you with the services that best suit your property needs, please schedule a consultation and we’d be happy to provide you a quote.